Professional Onsite IT Support

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IT Desktop Helpdesk Support Services for Businesses

Today, more than ever, businesses are scrounging to cut costs, while continuing to run with a lean team of IT staff. Compounded with the frequency of user issues and the time it consumes, it’s not a surprise when most IT projects are put on hold.

LUCIUS TECHNOLOGY can augment your existing IT staff by providing Desktop Helpdesk Support Services. This allows your current IT team to focus on the much needed server consolidation tasks or upgrades necessary for your business to work efficiently. When a user desktop issue arises, LUCIUS TECHNOLOGY’s support staff will be able to guide them through a solution remotely or onsite. Our staff will also have all the necessary documentation and familiarity with your current network environment to all provide the speediest recovery possible.

Retainer IT Networking Support Services for Businesses

Sometimes, an organization’s IT staff does not have the expertise to implement a solution (e.g. configure a Cisco router) or fix a complex problem (e.g. restore a corrupt Exchange database). Other times, the frequency of IT issues do not occur often enough to warrant having a full-time IT staff. A part-time IT person would save money, but isn’t as reliable.

These companies would benefit tremendously by LUCIUS TECHNOLOGY’s Retainer Support Services. Unlike other retainer-based support services, we are essentially your IT support staff in case of emergencies or when an extra hand is needed. The flexibility of our retainer support service and the fact that our engineers will be familiar with your network allow our clients to rest assured that their critical IT hardware and software are in good hands.

 Scheduled Onsite IT Networking Support Services for Businesses
Having the assurance of someone being onsite is a great thing to have. Of course, this might not be a realistic solution due to budget constraints. With the economy as it currently is, small businesses can not afford to have IT staff on a full time basis. LUCIUS TECHNOLOGY’s Scheduled Onsite Support Services provide companies with onsite support on scheduled days of the week.

The truth of the matter is, remote support is great for 90% of the tasks out there, but there is still a need to have someone onsite. Once onsite, our engineers can perform maintenance on your network and provide desktop support to your users that can’t be done remotely. Of course, should the need arise, our engineers can also be deployed onsite on non-scheduled days. Our clients love this service offering because it is so efficient. Non-urgent issues can be compiled and consolidated for the onsite engineer to resolve during his scheduled visit. Accountants prefer this method because it helps maintain a steady and predictable expense.

Complete IT Network Outsourcing Solutions for Businesses
With our current economic crisis, many medium-sized businesses are looking for ways to save money, but still require a solid IT infrastructure. LUCIUS TECHNOLOGY’s Complete IT Outsourcing service lowers costs while bringing peace of mind to the company. It allows the company to concentrate on their core competencies and business development tasks. We will help align your business goals with your IT environment. Our outsourcing service is ideal for medium-sized businesses that are downsizing, but would still like IT support from a group of certified IT professionals.